Asbestos Cancer Attorneys

Prolonged exposure to asbestos can give rise to lung cancer. Asbestos cancer attorneys are lawyers who represent victims who have contracted this dreadful disease through prolonged contact with asbestos. Their aim is to obtain compensation for their clients from those responsible for causing the damage.

The asbestos cancer lawyers have forcefully and fruitfully fought for asbestos workers and their families. There are a large number of cancer attorney firms in the US, with a sizeable number of asbestos claimants, and they have won substantial compensation for their affected clients. Asbestos cancer attorneys usually employ top medical professionals and scientists to assist them in developing a case.

These attorneys are devoted to making sure that each of their clients obtains the consideration his or her case is worthy of. If one is suffering from cancer due to extensive exposure to asbestos, the straightforward reality is that the more clients the attorneys stand for, the better the chance of negotiating with the companies that caused the dreaded disease.

According to the National Cancer Institute, around 3,000 cases of malignant cancer from asbestos exposure are being reported in the United States each year, and the occurrence seems to be rising. The syndrome is three times more widespread in men than in women. In men, the incidence of asbestos related cancer is ten times higher in men between the ages of 60 and 70 than in men between the ages of 30 and 40. Work-related exposure to asbestos over the past fifty years in the United States is estimated to have happened to roughly eight million people, and up to 300,000 new cases are anticipated to take place by the year 2030.

An exceptional characteristic of asbestos-connected cancer is the long latency phase between exposure to asbestos and the beginning of the disease.

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